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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local newses at 10. right now at 10, breaking news,, a virginia state trooper hashas died following a mass shooting at a busy bus terminal. tonight we're learning moreearn about the chaotic homes when ths gunman opened fire.ire >> we first took cover behindehn this concrete thing. we didn't want to get up fromfrm where i was identifying. w fox5 local news starts right now. > and we thank you for joining usyo tonight, i'm tony perkins.i >> and i'm shawn yancy. > today's shooting happened while troopers were on a training exercise at a bus station in richmond.ichm >> the trooper shot the gunman and two civilians before two others shot and killed him. fox5's marina maracco and teisha lewis are both standing by. we begin with marina who is in richmond.ri marina, i know there are many questions that remain about the unidentified gunman.un >>reporter: id tony, police saya they're not going to identify the suspect until they firsthey notify the suspect's family.
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now, we asked if he was from virginia. they say that his address doesn't match one here in therei state. they don't know if he tensionally he may have ties tov the area.rea. now, regardless, a sad turn of events here tonight. just hours ago we learned ofof trooper did your meyer's passing. back in 2014 is when he joinedne virginia state police. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. we also learned two other women were shoter inside the bus terminal. they're expected to survive. > ' with an incredibly heavy heart tonight that i annoyanceny to you the loss of virginia state police trooper chad deer meyer. >> trooper chad door meyer was c in the midst of aha training exercise along with about a dozen other virginia state pnia troopers inside the greyhound bus terminal in richmond thishi afternoon. >> the training encompasses looking for suspicious activity. and in today's exercise, if you see some suspicion activity goci over and engage and have
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conversations. the 37 year old trooper was a former marine and police office back home in jackson, michigan. investigators say he was wearini fatigue uniform, but not hisis vest when he approached thehe still unidentified suspect. >> the period of time they weree together was so brief that i can't imagine that he gone much further than hey, how are you, anybody with you, just small talk. >> that's when police say the suspect drew a handgun and fired ultimate matthew mcconaughey mat times ultimately killing troopeo dune meyer.dune two other tropers returned fired jug the suspect who ran into the restroom before being transported to the hospitald where he later died. > why he had a gun in his waistband we don't know. the handgun was recovered hereeo on the scene. apparently the suspect aid corresponding to the police did have criminal history, but theyy did not specify of what type. he did not have any outstanding warrants out for
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tonight you can see the scene here remains fairly active. they will stay here overnight processing the scene, reviewing surveillance tapes in the hopes that the shooting was caught on video. life tonight from richmond, fox5 local news. > thank you very much.ou v today's shooting in richmond is the lathest tragedy in what's been a deadly year so far for law enforcement across thethe country and the dmc area is noo exception.ion. fox5's teisha lewis continues our team coverage with more on that side of the story. >>reporter: across the dmv four officers have died in the linenh of duty so far h year and the horrific richmond shooting brings that number to five. now, many of these shootings arn happening as the community isis still healing and mourning recent officer debts. just last month, the worldthe watched as ashley guindon wasas laid to death.eath guindon was fatally shot her first day on the job. she was responding to a domestic
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disturbance. two other officers with her werh also struck, but they survived. two weeks earlier, deputies in hartford county were killed. senior mark laws done andnd patrick dalery were shot toto death at a panera bread.aner both served in the military and were parties. they responded to a call regarding a crowded restaurant. jacai colson was killed on march 13. he was killed after a man firedn at the police station in landover. carlson drove up to the station in plain clothes. he was caught in the cross firec between the suspect and police.n fire from an officer's gun struck colson. and now this in richmond. and so far this year 29 officer have died in the line of duty. that information comes from the officer down memorial page which honors our fallen law enforcement here owes.wes. this time last year nationwide there were 31 fallen officers.fe teisha lewis, fox5 local
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> also in the district charges were filed did he against thegan tennessee man accused of firing gun shots inside the us capital visitor center. larry dawson was charged with resisting and assaulting a lawlw enforcement officer with at of dangerous weapon. capital police shot him after he allegedly pulled the weapon at the security check point. dawson's weapon was actually a pellet gun made to resemble a bar rat a handgun. if charged he could face up to 55 years in prison. > metro police need your helpnd locates this man. they say daniel brown is wanted in connection with a stabbing at a prince george's county metrouy station. brown is a newspaper vendor. police say he got into a fight with a man this morning right outside the seat station in capital hits. the man was taken to the t hospital and is in stable condition. police are asking anyone withano information to give them a call. > we want to head outside right now. it is a warm night and even ev warmer temperatures i'm told ard expected tomorrow.ex butpe could they be accompaniedm some th
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joins us with the answers.nswe >> you're absolutely right.tely it's still very mild out thereut and tomorrow some places may hit 80-degrees. but it will likely come with a couple of showers and maybe some rumbles of thunder. it migzt surprise you that somet of those could be around as early assay 10:00 tomorrow morning. at the moment, things are dry dr and wanted to just touch on hown nice and warm it was today getting up to 74-degrees well above average, which is right around 62 now. we'll be well above it tomorrow. as we check radar out and look at your weather headline for tomorrow. it's definitely another warm dae that we're expecting, but a e little bit than settled. not an all day rain by any means, but maybe just enough coming right after the morning commute to create some problems for a few of you if you encounter these because one oror two of these could drop some heavy rain if we get some good thunderstorms around the regione the at the moment not much to see there's a little bit of rain east of baltimore and down to the southern tip s
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county across the northern neckn and just south of the richmond area. most of the night will be dry. we're much whatting what's out a to the west.west you see that through ohio andnd also through kentucky. that will collect ahead of the frontal boundary. we'll stay mild tonight and the front will begin to approach tomorrow morning. we'll he have on clouds around, some clouds developing. you can have an idea that at 7t7 in the morning this is nots n affecting much of the immediate washington area but then you look back towards charlottesville and the redsthe indicating there could be somese thunderstorms in there.ders by the time we get to 9:00.:00. it is scattering. there could be some showers and maybe some down powers.ower we'll take this to noon and it looks like clouds are startinge to thin out and we may get a number of hours of sunshineshin tomorrow afternoon which will hump the temperature up close to 78 or 80-degrees, but it could also trigger a few more showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. maybe a few with heavy down powers. showing you 2:00 and you can see a small line develone
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around 5:00 in case you'reou'r heading out to nats park and worried about rain it lookslook anything that is left will bee pretty spotty.pott we'll watch the move down to tho south and east.h an so a little better chance southe and east much by friday nightda 10:00 we're back in the cloudsld and maybe a little bit of earlyy morning rain. the weekend is going to be quite interesting. could there be a snowflake in the forecast?orec >> what. i'll tell you more about that in a little about it.ittl > that got our attention.tte traffic, it will continue toonti cause major headaches for commuters tomorrow and world leaders gather in the districtei for the nuclear security summit. the event got underway at thehe washington convention center in northwest. as a result several road closures and parking restrictions are now in affect and metro has closed its mount vernon square station until tomorrow evening. for more information on whaton streets are expected, you canan visit our website, fox5 > still to come tonight in a
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bizarre story in northern virginia. why explosive training materialn was found on a school bus. a dramatic rest how an elderly man drove right into a river how police found him in the nick of time. > what's the deal, we have the story and the apology as fox5 news at 10 continues. don't hate. she can say it. .
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> in just a few hours thousandw of workers nationwide will put their picket signs down andnd return to their jobs.o th they staged a one-day strike.ned in fact, this was the scene earlier today at reagan national airport, baggage handlers and apport workers are all demanding higher pay. some of them make anywhere
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they say that is not a liveable wage.wage the backbone of these airports.p they do their best every day to keep save and secure not only themselves but as the passengers to go through these airports every the strike is set to end tonighi at midnight. workers want to stage the -- they wanted to stage the walkout last week, but the attack inin brussels forced them to postpone until today. an investigation is underway too figure out why explosive training material was left on a loudon county school bus following a training exercise.xr they conducted the drill last week at prior wood's high school in as burn.burn one of the k9 units accidentalli left the material on the bus.bu. this bus was used this week to take students to l school. authorities say the training material did not pose any danger to the students
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> the fbi is still looking into a cyber attack against the med star health system. they say they were hit with a ransom wear attack.ç that's a malicious computer program that is starting too become popular among hackers.ckr sarah simmons is here with more on the investigation. >>reporter: med star is still not saying much about the cyber attack. patience we've talked with say things seem to be runningunni smoothly now. although med star won't say iff it was a ransom wear attack. sources inside say theft hackers were demanding a ransom worthano thousands of dollars in exchange for med star regaining control of its information. the health star system also believes the personal the information of their patience was not compromised. but cyber security experts say that information will be very variablible for hackers and it's hard to know for sure if the information was really safe. a hospital in cali
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with ransom wear last month and the hospital admitted to paying the money p. this all begs the company, how can companies protect themselves from this type of attack? traditional anti virus software doesn't work against ransomanso wear. a cyber security expert explaine what companies should do. back up your data. in case of ransom wear, it's certainly the case that they will find network shared drivess which are oftentimes backed up shares. so those might be encrypted as well. when the ransom wear runs ituns can't find your backups. > also teaching employees notmo to click on unknown links and attachments that's how am ofam these attacks are launched. as for this about it k-9 ransom we know the idea of about it k-9 is kind of con fusing here you go, it's basically an online currency that allows the user to remain anonymous and makes the transaction difficult to track back.
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writing under a dude mom. every transaction involving that address is stored forever in a virtual ledger.l if the address is stored in your identity every transaction canrs be linked to you.. which is why those who want tohw be used anonymous use multiple to a dramatic rescue that couldt have ended much differently. an elderly man is lucky to be be alive after he got lost andnd drove his car into a river. relatives reported sink wang missing last night when he didn't return from a doctor's appointment. they called the man he was so disoriented to tell officersffic where he was. they started tracking his cellphone and got a hit some 80 miles away. police say they matched maps of the area to bridges that wanghat described and finally located his car. > we had to unlock the
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he had been in the water by two, two and a half hours by the the time we got him. he couldn't stand on his. luckily for me he's a pretty light guy. we walked 100 feet to the dry land. > wang was taken to the hospital where he was treated for hyperthermia.erth we're told his condition has improved.. > severe storms slammed partssr of the south today. they brought the threat of possible tornado with em this.ts the severe weather comes one day after multiple people were hurt. this is just a snapshot of somef of the damage the cleanup is now underway and crews are trying to restoreesto power. forecast tears say more than 8 million people in the pathpe right now are in the path of more possible severe weather ina several southern states. > up next tonight, donald trumn is on theig defense after his controversial abortionnt also ahead, first it was the federals going after apple, but now apple may take the federals to court. and a remainder to throw
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best throw back thursday photosh using the hashtag fox5 tbt. this is actsly one of our own, meteorologist mike thomas when o he was a little guy. we invite you to tweet your favorite throw back photos again. use that hashtag, fox5 tbt andbt you might see your picture right here on fox5 news at 11. >> that's a photo of mike fromho seven months ago.
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> you're looking at a lifee picture of thelo us capital. you may notice a little bit of a difference. earlier today workers began removing the scaffolding that's surrounded the building since 2015. we're told the final face of the capital restoration project is now underway. the scaffolding just blow the dome will stay in place while workers continue to make repairs.repa actually even on the lower partn of the dome there. they're fixing up both thehe outside and inside of the capital
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expected to be completed by the end of the year. y california has become;háhe firt state in the country to approve a $15 an hour minimum wage.age. the state legislature approved the measure this afternoon.fter governor jerry brown is expectes to sign the measure into law on monday. the minimum wage will slowly rice in california over the nexe few years and hit the $15 mark in 2022. just last week d.c. mayor muriel bowser called on the cityity council to raise the minimum wage in the district by 2020. gop republican donald trump isu defensing his controversialhis comments on abortion. he said there should be some form of punishment for some women who get abortions if the procedure is out laud. he later reversed his positionot on the statement. trump said his comments werement taken out of context and blamed the flub on what he says was a long convoluted question. but political analysts say the remarks could haunt the
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candidate. this one is going to be hard toa walk back, though, particularly if he's the party's nominee come the fall. if if you really believe that it should be outlawed is what you're saying is that women and doctors need to go to jail.. > apple is considering legal action against the fbi to discover how a sand bernadine oh iphone was hacked. the loss angels times is reporting apple officials are desperate to find out just how investigators were unable toto unlock the device. this comes after apple refused to help the fbi crack the phone of syia far rudy giuliani thegil master mind behind the terror attack last december.ecem it's been widely reported, buter not yet confirmed that israeli company sell bright helped to unlock that phone. two gay men claim us park polick pepper sprayed and beat them. coming up next we have video ofo the chaotic scene. we also have
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. recapping tonight's top stories. a virginia state trooper is dead. a gunman killed him at a greyhound bus station in richmond. the trooper chad door meyer wash at the station for a training exercise. he was talking to the man whenan the man suddenly pulled out a gun and starting. two other troopers fired backs killing the man. two other women were also hit ht but are expected to be okay. > metro police need you
10:29 pm
to locate this man, daniel brow wanted in connection with a a stabbing at a metro station. brown, who is a newspaper vendod got into an altercation this morning outside the add son road pleasant station in capital ca heights. the victim was taken into the hospital and is in stable sta condition. people are asking anyone with information to give them a call. > the fbi tonight is still looking into that cyber attack against med star healthcare system. sources instead med star says in they were hit with a ransom wear attack. tonight the hospital system says its major systems are almost fully stored. they do not believe the personae information of their patience was compromised. the us park police are defensina the actions of two of their own officers. two gay men say the officers pepper sprayed and beat them after a traffic stop in northeast and then used anti gan slurs while they arrested the man. both men were charged withh assault on a police officer. hours later those charges were dropped. fox5's paul wagner picks up thee story from there.from >> do not touch my
10:30 pm
begun. > this is chaotic scene that unfolded just moments after a us park police officer tried to arrest john davis for drivingor without a permit and having the wrong tags on his car. officers have davis boyfriend timothy cox on the floor inside his sister's house bloodied and in handcuffs after police say he threw two haul hoops and ll cooler at him. in return, cox hit him in the t head with a metal object. when he saw the pleading, that's when he topped. the traffic stop occurredd outside cox's sister's house on ninth street and says he was throwing the haul a hoops and a cooler. but says he was upset after seeing them use the taser on his boyfriend. as far as him tasting me afterin himg putting the handcuffs on me i was very compliant. both men say the officers usedç
10:31 pm
what you all doing, you don't dn have to be tastingment you already have him in thehe handcuffs. why are you doing this? and he started yelling gay stuff. > us park police confirm an officer did use a taser on john davis. but it was before he was in handcuffs, not after. sergeant and a rows also says an officer only used force against cox inside the house as he was being assaulted. the second officer that had come did pepper spray that second th person and at that point, that suspect grabbed -- reached out his hand and grabbed that officer's genitalia and squeezed. the officer's only resource wass to punch him in the eye with a closed fist. sergeant rose defended the th actions of the officers butut couldn't explain the assault charges against cox and davis dv were dropped by prosecutors within after their arrest. any time there is a use of force involving the park police we do an internal
10:32 pm
make sure the use of force wasoc in compliance with our poll s. parks and davis say they were brutalized by police and have hired an attorney to represent them. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > sergeant rose says it is routine for us park police par officers to be on patrol in that section of southeast. sou she also says timothy cox admitted to smoking pcp which may have cribbed to his behavior. > it has been six months since a us marine was killed in a hit and run crash in frederick county, maryland., police say they're not giving up on the search for the driver. 21 year old marine corporal william was hit by another driver. police say the pickup truck thau hit farrell pulled to the sideoh of the road for a few minutes, but then took off. a reward of more than $6,000 iss being offered for informationfee leading to an arrest. still to come, bryce harper's new commercial that's helping kick off
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season. but first tonight, beyonce debuted her clothing line and ad immediately got thrown a little shade by some haters. h another brand, we're going to have the whole story for you you when we come back. . leaving your current job andyo looking for another one? for according to a new survey one oy four workers changing jobs in 2016. this might give them hope. around a third of companies expected to add full-time workers over the next few months and that's up from last year. stocks up big in march helping to push the s than p. overload gas prices, the the national average for regular gas 1.86 over the first three months of the year. yea that's the lowest quarter we've seen in 12 years. keep in mind, prices have been heading higher in march.
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mcdonald's is super sizing in in china. the ionic soup sizing. mcdonald's seeing some of its big egg sales growth in those countries. that's business, i'm charles pain.
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beyonce and here's more proof of it, beyonce is expanding her empire. she launched her own clothingth line. i know a lot of you have been staring at this all day long. it's ib
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running, contact pries, sports brass and more. the 200 h piece active wear is a joint venture top shop. the new line will debut april 14. another sports leisure wearsure company has already thrown a little shaded bay over this. lieu lieu lemon tweeted maybe beyonce is so crazy in love witt our brand she made her own. after the beehive, which our beyonce fans started hearing about this and began slamminggan lieu lieu lemon on social media. the company apologied andpo deleted its tweets. >> i think they were having nice fun with it is kind of showing some shade there immediately out of thef it's kind of like when you tweet things about justin bieber and all the bieber people come ande attack you.ou it's the same way with the beehive. it looks like a great clothing line. >> it lookedç great.reat >> it looks fantastic. > we have a note to our film critic, kevin
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he is a huge star wars fan and he may want to bid on this item. check it out. this is the liter jacket hans solo wore in the informs awakens. the jacket is now up for auction. the proceeds will, ford had announced that his daughter had suffered seizures and wasas diagnosed with epilepsy just. the online auction runs throughr april 11 1un #. that jacket looked prettyrett scuffed up for the recent episode.isod i think they coughed it upp intentionally for the movie. >> it was this authentic. > coming up next at 11, as talk of another metro shutdown looms we're checking in with metro to see how its system wide inspections are going. we're checking to see if servicf will be disrupted for any extended period of time. > a vi
10:40 pm
was killed today at a gray founy bus stop. what we've learned about his death. that's coming up at 11.
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> welcome back, everyone, fox5 d.c. cares as our station's campaign to highlight the greatr work of non-profit organizations in our area. a all this week you know we are partnering with autism speaks. our goal is to raise awareness about autism in our community or and also highlight the joys andn challenges facing families living with autism. au tonight i am thrilled to t introduce you to the burrows family, sibling is a very proud and proud more of twinge young women who both have autism. take a look. > a lot of times when people wh talk about or they say the word
10:44 pm
autism they immediately think a small child. they don't always think about the teenagers or the young adults. your girls now are 19 years old. they're young adults.dult when were they diagnosed. >> at six. > did you know before six. six >> they were premature so thereo was some indication that there was something, but you know there were all the tests and the school tested them, and it just came back autism mild to moderate. > when you heard that, what went through your mind. >> so i was like they're going to be institutionalized, but but then the school was like, no there's therapy and they will be able to mainstreamed. so i had no blueprint. i had nothing to go on. there's things that i tried to research and tried to get them involved in for the adult living.
10:45 pm
what's your advice to people oup there who may have young yo children and they're thinking oh, no, what am i going on do? ? what am i going to do once mynce children get to be teenagers. >> the only advice i do have for the parents that are out there raising autistic kids is to keep going and keep researching and then develop their skills based on what their child can do. not to have their child live in mainstream society. create the autism society. i get down to my girls' levelevl and, you know, what whether it's eye contact or a verbal queue, i treat them like, you know, me. a couple of years ago you got involved with autism speaks. >> tell me a little bit about that. >> it changed my life.ife. so all these times that i was living with the girls with with autism i was trying to fit them into my world.y that year i went to
10:46 pm
speaks i fit into their world wo and then that's when the lightbulb came on that i need to be a part of this because it is a different world that we live in, but we can live altogether. so then i asked my employer, she's city, the next year to ye help sponsor the blue puzzle piece campaign.ece like i said, you know, the the company is just amazing that i h work for because they said, sure, why not. not and we put it up in all of our stores throughout the dmv and our customers responded and they responded with overwhelming results. last year alone we raised 41,000. >> wow. and all of the proceeds 100 percent goes to autism speaks. >> let me ask you last but not t least, whatç are your hopes foo the girls in the future and what are your fears. >> my hope is that they could live on their own and my fear is that they don't, they work
10:47 pm
the community so they both have jobs and they go every day and a they do well sometimes and theye don't do well. we sidney had a job where she what's the -- at the grocery gro store she wassetting the snack. i ckam an hr manager, i would fe you, too. you can't eat. ea those are my fears, that they don't success and that they'll need somebody to take care of ca them for the rest of their lives. > i'll tell you what, she was such an inspiration, such a su strong woman to have those two adult -- young adult daughters. that's something we don't ofteno talk about. you always see the kids, but wei haven't whatted to showds you ts part of it.t there also girls. autism effects boys more than girls. there's broad spectrum, girls, boys, black, white, all different raise he he. tomorrow starts the start of autism awareness. as you watch the advertisement we ask you to make a do
10:48 pm
they do so much to giving grants and to organizations that work with the community. you can donate by clicking on ao link right now, go to fox5 you'll find the link on the homepage. you can also text the word autism to the number 25383 to make a $10 donation right now. just a reminder, tomorrow morning is a big push for autisa speaks on good day d.c. i will be coming in extra early tomorrow to host a life telethon. so call me because i want to hear from you. yo i will be answering am of yourgm phone calls and am of the people that we featured in our stories all this week will be there too. i certainly hope you will watchl and most importantly i hope youe will decide to give. it is just incredible. and the mom we featured the tonight, the family we featuredu tonight, she's incredible. >> so strong. str > i'm trying it now. no i'm doing it right now.
10:49 pm
>> that's okay. you you do what you're doing. i'm going to talk to sue. > hit the donation button like 18 times, okay. >> i just text the word autism. >> uh-huh, to that number and that will be a $10 donation. >> 23583. 235 >> yes, tony is doing it right now. you guys can do it now. > and i'll get something back. >> yes, tomorrow april 1, the beginning of awareness awarenese month. so am other varies. it's been very touching. these stories have been great. it's so good to hear the stories and hear how it effects everybody and it gives everybode hope. and awareness, too. this person might have autism. that's why they're acting like that. and understand that am can have wonderful, fantastic fulfilling lives with understanding. > we have a great event to tele you about, too, in addition too the fact that
10:50 pm
april 1, this weekend is the third annual kensington car show. we have a lot of car enthusiasm is here and this is a good one. this is going to be in downtown kensington from sunday 10 to 4, life music, lots of food andnd drinks, lots of activities for t the kids. you know what the best part is,, look at these cars, all of the proceeds from this will supportp the yellow ribbon fund, which is a local charity that provides practical support to injured to service members and their families while they stay at walter reed. so looks like a fantastic time and a wonderful local effort to benefit a great, great cause.t look at the monster truck that u they're going to have. to so if you're thinking about heading out to the kensington car show on sunday from ten to four, do know that you will need to bring the layers. it will be a dry day, but windy and the 52-degrees will feel a-d little biteg colder. downtown kensington is the place to go. meanwhile for tomorrow, friday, our first
10:51 pm
going to feel a lot warmer, even warmer than today and slightly humid. there will be a chance of a few storms. a few of those storms could be on the strong side and what wha you'd than watching for with for that is the possibility of some strong and gusty winds, maybe even some small hail but i think that will be fairly isolated if we see it. most of the weekend is going to be dry and it is going to be cooler. next week, first full week of april we'll be featuring a little bit of a cold shot that a rolls into town on sunday and sticks with us for a few days dy next week. so that's what we'll be watching as we get through weekend. tonight it's so mild, still sti 68-degrees here in d.c. fredericksburg 71, dulles, manassas you're still 70 as is gaithersburg. we'll stay mild tonight and our sunrise tomorrow will probablyto feature a lotmo of clouds. o by the way, isn't this picture phenomenal? i can't believe how am good photographers we have around the region.he this is a sunrise
10:52 pm
basin. probably won't be quite this qui picaresque tomorrow morning.sq you might want toue get down the and see the cherry blossomserry because i think big winds over n the weekend are going to do ato number of them. th i put this picture on my on facebook and twitter feed. if you get a good one, send thee to we use them as part of our of weather maps as you can see. thank you so much needy. average trend, 6 # well above io tomorrow at 78, but right back r to average on saturday at 62. sunday we drop 10 degrees and 1 it's going to feel even colder because of the wind. wi monday we bounce back just a little bit to 64-degrees. on radar not a lot showing up right now. there's a little bit of activity on the earn shore and down to the south as mentioned, but this is pretty spotty. we start toic p up a little bitt more down here towards southwestern but i thinkut most of our nightr will be dry.wi as we get into the morning hours i think we'll start to see showers. one or two of the storms could
10:53 pm
there will also be an area of low pressure that rides along ri the front that moves through that could show a about it of of shower activity back early saturday especially from 95 on south and east. an get ready for a warm day tomorrow. manassas, dulles could be 80, 81, fredericksburg 8 #, did d.c. about 78.t 78 not raining all day. we think there will be a few a showers around in the morning. r this is at 9:00 a.m. that might be a pretty strong storm here thread showing up. maybe a little bit of hail andlt that gusty winds there. g but tushen we'll have several de hours in the afternoon. aft the sun comes back out and thatt might make us just a little bite unstable as the front begins too approach and it could pop up another line of some small storms and showers. et under those itwet again. could have some good rain with t it. it looks like it's mostly out o here by the nats put on the exhibition game. a little bit tries to role on in saturday. i mentioned snow, it will be wi coming from this,
10:54 pm
night, overnight, i don't know if any of you will see, but somt of it is going to role through r with some snow flurries. let me show you the fox5 seven day forecast.orec we'll watch for thats passing flurry or snow shower saturday night into sunday. sun colder for sunday. we bounce up a little bit onit monday and then as we head toward tuesday, it's cold again, 350-degrees. right now 64 for the nats home opener next thursday and we'll be right back.
10:55 pm
they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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> less than a year afterth winning thean us world cup p the us soccer team is fighting to get equal pay. they filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunityme commission alleging they make a fraction of what their male counterparts make for games. sometimes 38 percent of the team's salary. the women make a base salary of $3,600 per game and win bonuses of $1,300 per game. comparison, the men receive $5,000 per game, win or lose. and they can receive up to $17,000 per win. redid i or not, baseball season is almost here. the nats wrap up with two games against the twins. opening day is in atlanta and a fresh season means you into ed
10:59 pm
who better to give that cut than bryce harper. this is bryce harper. he knows that to play good you got to look good. and these are the little the nationals. after a three-game skid thesese guys are looking to turn things around. > what's up, guys.uys. >> how are you doing buddy? i like that. you hit a lot of homers with this. >> that's right. you like it? yours looks better than mine. feel the power. what i love about it, if bryce harper runes your hair and he's your hero.o. if he gave him the fire cut or something. bussed it here, what are they going to say? i think theynk might like it. they might think it's okay. > ka did bryce harper do your hr in. >> bryce is known after he flipe his hair, after he cross he the plate. he's big into
11:00 pm
he even had his own barber down at spring training give him and dusty baker a cut. >> that's great. you got paper like that, you can do that.t. > just a week away.y. >> thanks. > the news at 11 1 # stars right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at s 1, a virginiargin trooper shot and killed by a man at greyhound bus stop. what we've learned about theout exchange the trooper had with his killer in the moments before he was shot. then a d.c. police officer was hit by a car while he was on the job.job. we'll have an undate on his condition tonight.ight plus, members of a local muslim community fasting in honor of the brussels bombing victims. their message for piece right now at 11. and we do thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. > we gait tonight


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